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    The NEPSforum offers an innovative and open discussion platform for all those interested in working with the complex research data of the German National Educational Panel Study (NEPS). Its primary goal is to enable a fair and helpful exchange of NEPS related questions, answers and comments. For this purpose users are requested to observe the following rules:

    • Please do not pretend to be someone other than your true identity. Register with your real name and indicate your current institutional affiliation if possible.
    • Be polite and courteous when posting to the forum. Please be aware at all times that the addressees of your postings are real persons. Discrimination or defamation of persons or groups is absolutely unacceptable.
    • Please look into the forum first if there is an appropriate question or topic already existing before creating a new post. Use the “Notify” feature to inform us about redundant or irrelevant contributions in the forum.
    • Handling of NEPS data is determined by the regulations of the NEPS Data Use Agreement including the commitment not to disclose, neither in modified form, the data to third parties, or grant access to them. Furthermore, the legal conditions of data security and the rules of good scientific practice apply, especially with regard to personal and copy rights.
    • The forum is not for commercial purposes. Thus, please refrain from posting any advertisements or respective links.
    • In case of violating any of these provisions we reserve the right to disable or delete accounts.

    For questions on the use of this forum as well as for error reports, please contact the Research Data Center at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (RDC LIfBi). Enjoy the dialogue.