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    Data Privacy Policy

    This data privacy statement applies to the servers of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi) as well as all webpages of the LIfBi referring to this policy.

    1. Logging

    Whenever you access the servers of the LIfBi, relevant access data are logged. These data are stored only for the purposes of identifying and tracking nonpermitted access or any attempts of accessing the LIfBi servers without permission. This stored information is not used for any purposes other than data security. No statistical analyses are made from nonanonymized data. Logged data are saved for a maximum duration of six months and will be deleted afterwards.

    Depending on the access log used, the  log file will include information with the following contents:

    • Name of the requesting computer – if determinable – otherwise the IP address of the requesting computer
    • Date and time of the request
    • Preferred access method/function  of the requesting computer
    • Input values (file name etc.) transmitted by the requesting computer
    • Access status of the web server (file transferred, file not found, command not executed, etc.)
    • Name of the requested file

    2. Active Components

    In general, the information offered by LIfBi can also be used with browsers where Java-Applets, Active-X-Controls, and cookies are disabled. Should functionality be limited considerably as a result, a corresponding notice will be given.

    3. E-Mail Security

    When sending an e-mail to the LIfBi, the e-mail address of the sender is used only for correspondence with the particular sender. When sending an e-mail with content worthy of protection, we strongly recommend encrypting it in order to prevent unauthorized notice or falsification on the transmission path. The type of encryption must be coordinated with the LIfBi. Should the sender not wish to receive an answer via e-mail, another way of communication must be mentioned explicitly.