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    Willkommen im NEPSforum


    Welcome to the NEPSforum, a newly established platform for a lively interaction around the research data of the German National Educational Panel Study (NEPS). The forum provides a basis for mutual exchange within the scientific community and is open for all users of the NEPS data and other interested persons. The aim of this platform is to create a broad and publicly available knowledge database for handling of the complex NEPS research data.

    The NEPSforum supplements the existing NEPS documentation and user services. It is administrated and moderated by the Research Data Center of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi). The RDC LIfBi serves as a first contact for issues concerning the preparation, dissemination and utilization of NEPS data. Numerous answers to frequently asked questions in the past are archived in the forum and visible for everyone (tag: faq).

    The forum offers a number of features, that - according to the individual user status - range from simple reading of postings to the submission, response and annotation of postings up to the grading of contributions. Several structuring and filtering options are available as well as the opportunity to create and edit a personal profile. The forum has a German and an English interface. Postings are possible in both languages, but will not be translated by default.

    Participation in the forum requires a once-only registration. The regulations of our netiquette and the data privacy policy are to be observed.

    Notes on bugs and potential improvements are highly appreciated at all times. Please use the contact form or report your feedback directly to forum@lifbi.de.